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Guest documentation before admitting to pg.

With Internet acting as media, From past experience make sure you follow below steps
Rental agreement – Mentioning the terms point to point is the best way to deal in later harsh situations. Infact this is the weapon if anything goes wrong while vacating the pg.
Check Electricity bills of the owner – Beware no middle men grabs your money displaying false ownership on property.
Online transfers are better ways to bond with habits.
Check with the timings of food as well as premises to enter pg.
Some pgs also have parent or guardian rooms, Check with pg owner about cost and service.
Check the pg owners legal licence connected to his business before entering to deal.

Things to Do in Bangalore for paying guest leisure

spend leisure time in Bangalore for pg stayers

Every individual has their own view to spend leisure time. Below are checkpoints based on pg accommodation mindsets, Budget and Economy.
Shopping and Movies : Best and nearing malls will make your time sensible leisure
Games : Most pgs have gym or game. Engage yourself in physical activity like playing cricket or outdoor games with pg mates is wonderful time you can have. Make a group for physical activities within pg mates is also better idea.
Food and PUB : Bangalore is filled with various food and drinks. Try them by exploring yourself as solo or group
Rides : Long or short ride is good way to rejuvenate. Explore in and around Bangalore like Trekking, Sunset points, Water adventure. Explore like never before.
Learn Local language : Kannada learning in leisure time will skyrocket your performance in this place

How safe is Bangalore for a working women

is pg safe for women safety

Nobody can give the percentage numbers in this aspect. Considering to other metro cities in India. Bangalore ranks no.1 in terms of safety to working women. There are bad instances too, numbers are very less compared.
As day gets over – Mindset changes about safety. Really a safer place to live.
Be at your own caution and self defence – In Bangalore too, single women robbery and murders have taken place – again numbers are very limited.
Streets are filled with thorns, make sure you do not give them your communication details at any cost. Keep the tracking list always secret.
Livings in pg will double your security issues, as there will be group of people. CCTV and all safety measures are taken care by pg owners themselves.
So staying in pg is considered safe for working women in Bangalore.

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