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Branded pg VS Normal PG in Bangalore

Branded pg is making the mark in terms of standards and Pricing
The competition between the Normal and chain pgs is growing and each of them is trying to survive in the economy via redefining the guest experience thereby attracting more.
What is a Normal PG?
Normal PG: Its independently owned and run! It doesn’t allow any other proprietors to use its name/brand. PGS are likely to operate in single or limited number of market probably may be with limited services or product. They have a large number of debtors owing to the fact that they are more likely to extend credit and thus may be seen more vulnerable to cash flow problems.
But a question never fails to enter our mind whenever we are talking about Branded and normal PG and that’s which one performs better than the other? So, let’s try to find out- When it comes to the luxury segment, the occupancy gap between them

What are Branded pgs?
A chain PG is part of a series or of a group of pg operated by the same company or owner. Opposite of an independent hotel it is a ‘chain-affiliated’. It is an enterprise that administers, through a unique management a number of PGS located in different areas. They can be total or partial owners of the PG and they manage their administration, marketing and promotion. Branded pgs are dominating the pgs in Bangalore since 2018

An independent PGS also performs well if they can automate their every day tasks
Saying all these, now let us see what are the major differences between a chain and independent PGS.
Branded pgs are marking the business with unique, content loving strategies like get-togethers, Birthday celebrations, Group tours, Making leisure spend in enjoyment.

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