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How to find pg in Bangalore?

how to find pg in Banglaore for male and female accomodation with food

Purpose of Education or Employment, primary shelter with food options is paying guest in Bangalore. Once decided to join find below steps to find pg. I am writing this blog not as a website owner but to share knowledge as a pg seeker.
Search criteria should be clear from options like Branded pg, Unbranded pg, Newly opened accommodations, Co living, Hostels etc
Explore the area and surrounding where you like to be put up.
Find pgs online like or any similar websites or application
Check in with the terms and conditions of pg owner. Alternate options to find pg is seek feedback message from co-workers or co-students and be their roommate.
When walking through your working destination – some pgs even put posters stating pg service in the locality, is a way to find pg accommodation
Social Media : Nowadays pg owners create their pages on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube to share their services regarding paying guest – Use the free data
Telecom service : Companies like Justdial also has lot of data regarding paying guest accommodation in Bangalore. Pros and Cons as applicable
Free ads: Companies like Quikr, OLX has also listed paying guest under real estate column to help you find pgs
Newspaper : PGS will also post regular ads on local newspapers to grab pg seekers, also a good option to find pgs
Use Google Maps – Updated versions.
Searching pgs on Google maps is best if you want pg in a particular area like nagawara or Marathahalli – We have listed the best and empty bed pgs in our web portal

Cigarette smoking in Paying guest – Experiences

smoking effects of pg in Bangalore | pg smoking experiences
How to Smoke a Cigarette paying guest Indoors Without Getting Caught
Choosing the Right Place to Smoke
Choose a single room to smoke in. If you’re trying not to get caught smoking in your own home, don’t smoke all over the house. Instead, designate a single room in your residence as a smoking room, and only smoke there
Smoke before showering. If you run the water for your bath or shower, you’ll generate a great deal of steam. This steam neutralizes other airborne scents, including cigarette smoke
Choose a space that is well-ventilated. If you’re smoking in a large office and want to avoid getting caught, light your cigarettes in a room with a window you can crack open. Open the window before you smoke to reduce the volume of smoke that accumulates inside
Don’t smoke near smoke detectors and alarms. If you smoke near a smoke detector, you could trigger it, alerting everyone in the building that you’re smoking. Even if you don’t trigger a noisy traditional smoke detector, you might get caught by a more modern smoke detector that can differentiate between fires and cigarette smoke
Keep an eye out for smoke detectors when deciding where to smoke indoors
Choose an out-of-the-way location. When smoking indoors, steer clear of high-traffic areas. Smoking in areas with lots of people about only increases the odds that you’ll be caught smoking indoors. Instead, head to a disused part of the building or an empty back room.
Smoking in PGs is generally not accepted, But some males pgs have smoking zones – Utilize it to your comfort level

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