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Paying guest as a Business in Bangalore: In-depth Analysis.

pg business analysis in Bangalore
Looking to become an entrepreneur, paying guest business is the welcome party to any. With minimum communication and high quality  service like food, non food service; PG business can be established with brand awareness in Bengaluru.
Choose the capacity, location and service of Paying guest based on your budget from 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs to get returns.
Choose building wisely : This is the primary and most important task, choose a non greedy owner because as years pass pg owner become greedy and demand more rent from tenants
Agreement : Make sure to take GOVT authorised notary agreement from building owner.
BBMP and bodies  : Inform nearest BBMP and area limits of Police station about your paying guest facility to avoid misfires later.
Obtain food licence and BBMP licence before you run the show. Electricity should be commercial – Add this in your balance sheet.
Customer care : See to that one who attends the call after marketing your pg is a literate person. Convincing and explanation of service to be done in brilliant way to grab the competitive business.
In this era any pg owner can get initial business, Getting referral from existing guest. Give the best pg service one day it will return with good business.

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