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Is Paying guest replacing hostels in Bangalore?

Branded pg is making the mark in terms of standards and Pricing
Definitely Yes! By 2021 peoples mind set will change to paying guest instead of boring hostels due to extended facilities like Time freedom, routine hostel food replacing Yummy spicy pg food.
Nowadays disturbance is abundant than study in Hostels. Staying in PG will convert your mindset. Also people enjoy more comfort than hostels like Washing machine, TV, WIFI service, Fridge.
In Bangalore institutions or university like Presidency, Reva college, Gitam already 100s of paying guest service put up. Thousands of people already located in such pgs. Your budget will remain the same Eg: Paying 1.6lakhs yearly hostel. Pay only 6k per month in 2 sharing rooms.
Educational Institutions where pgs are found in Bangalore.
Reva University
Presidency University
Gitam University
CMRIT whitefield
Vemana institutions
PES group of Institutions
RV college
MS Ramiah group of Institutions
Many to pen..
North to South or East to West all muscular institutions have paying guest in their half km Radius.
Generally Hostels will be located in College campus only. Whereas PGs will be at walkable distance. Just imagine if u keep on seeing the college walls even after hours. Gets frustrated rite!!
Pack your bags and shift to paying guest
Conclusion : Paying guest is a premium service compared to boring Hostels.

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