Paying Guest in Shanthinagar Bangalore

Adudogi is the Centre of city in Banglore surrounding reputed sofware companies and Malls. Shanthinagar has over 50+ paying guest services offered by Vendors, Some of them are Listed below. PG seeker may find one easily in finger tips Precautions for Ladies Paying guest is well taken care. Single sharing rooms in Shanthinagar starts from Rs 8000/- Depending on Location access, Facilities, Age of PG and Quality of service

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Best Paying guest in Bangalore Shanthinagar

Ladies Paying Guest

Gents PG in Shanthinagar Bangalore - New

City centre pg with classy amenities and lowest rentals for pg seekers. pg accomodation for males or working boys


Gents Paying guest

Wera ladies Paying Guest

Newly opened ladies pg in Kadubeesanahalli Bengaluru, commutable to Ecospace and Tech Parks


Gents Paying guest

Wera ladies Paying Guest

Newly opened ladies pg in Kadubeesanahalli Bengaluru, commutable to Ecospace and Tech Parks


PG IN Shanthinagar | PAYING GUEST ACCOMMODATIONS IN Shanthinagar (wilson garden, lal bagh, BMTC )
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KS Comforts PG in Shanthinagar Bangalore
Best pg accomodation in bangalore for male, best quality food and cheap price

Newly opened male PG accomodation with top class food and chepa pricing

paying guest in shanthinagar bangalore

KVS PG near Shanthinagar Bus stop Double road Gents paying guest
Most Economical pg in Bangalore, Suitable for budget looking guys. paying guest facility is a gents pg in Wilson garden. New Building all cots cupboards are brand new with all modern facilities featuring with best competant>>more
Address:#106, 13th 'A' Cross, Wilson garden, Bangalore 560027
Landmark : Church| Wilson garden Brand factory (Aralakshmi Theatre)
Contact :K Reddy @9611763882 | 9449674744
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Sri Thirumala Paying Guest for Gents | pg in Shanthinagar
Thirumala paying guest for Gents is put up in shanthinagar, near St josephs college. Suitable for females commuting to Wilson garden, Lal bagh, Shanthinagar, Austin town, nanjappa circle, Richmond town. Hostel for St josephs and near by areas suits this pg. New pg, visit once to know the difference. Homely food>>more
Address: #4, p & s shelters, Udasen ashram, KS Garden Lalbagh road, shanthinagar, Bangalore 560027
Landmark : Near HDFC Bank Shanthinagar Depot
Contact : E.Tirupathi@ 9611495365 / 9441522958
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KVS Paying Guest for Gents | pg in Bangalore - Wilson Garden
Most Economical pg in Bangalore, Suitable for budget looking guys. paying guest facility is a gents pg in Wilson garden 12th Cross Bus stop. New Building all cots cupboards are brand new with all modern facilities featuring with best competant>>more
Address:#225/10, 12th cross road, lakkasandra extension, Wilson garden, Bangalore 560027
Landmark : 12th Cross Bus stop | Wilson garden Brand factory
Contact :Subba Reddy @ 9731012942 / 9738084769
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Sri Balaji Paying Guest near Shanthinagar for Gents
Sri Balaji paying guest is located in wilson garden, one of the premium pg provider in Wilson garden area. Choosing this pg you may commute to Hombegoudanagar, Shanthinagar, HSiddiah road, Diary circle, Audugodi, Clean and Neat pg in wilson garden. Food at is best, >>more
Address: :#15 14th Cross, Lakkasandra Bus stop, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 560030
Landmark : Next to Vijay sagar Hotel
Contact :Raja Reddy @ 9980865375 / 9663011232
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New SNS Paying Guest near Shanthinagar for Ladies
SNS is a newly opened Ladies pg in Adugodi signal with best in class features BOSCH is - 2min walkable. visit once if you have need for Ladies pg. Having all facilities at very affordable pricing with best in class featurs and facilities. People working near Christ college, Shantinagar, MG road, Richmond circle best place to choose, brand new pg with all facilities ** see all original pics above>>more
Address:#27, 2nd B main, Nanjappa Layout, Adugodi, 560030
Landmark : Near Adugodi Signal | Mico Bosch
Contact : GN Reddy @ 9901717273 / 8310000831
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VBS paying guest in Shanthinagar Bangalore for Gents
pg located in Shanthinagar - Near KEB Office in residential layout. new building, decent food all facilities new buiding - Gents pg with Best facility. PG is very close to Adugodi signal bosch company and Forum mall on the housr road koramangala>>more
Address: :#13/1, Hosur road, Shanthinagar, Banglaore - 560027
Landmark :KEB Office
Contact : Shekhar reddy @ 9986515021 / 9686804276
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FAQ : Paying Guest accomodation in Shanthinagar Bangalore

What are the options for pg in Shanthinagar?

Densely populated Bangalore More than 25 paying guest can be located in adugoi with Standard, Premium and Luxury Categary paying guest

How is the paying guest in Shanthinagar demanded?

Since 2021 demand for paying guest seems to be high as most of the companies outreach is easy from Shanthinagar.

Shanthinagar and neighbour areas in Bangalore?

Boundaries shared by most decent areas. Shanthinagar has its value high in terms of living environment.

Who should seek for pgs in Shanthinagar?

New Comers or PG seekers looking for single, Twin and triple sharing rooms in Shanthinagar and surround area can opt for paying guest in Shanthinagar

About us - Paying guest in Bangalore

We serve as a platform to find pgs to PG seekers also making the platforms for the PG owners to explore themselves in the online web.
With an average of 900 unique pg visitors daily, paying guest in stands on the top of the list among the websites listings.
Dedicated only for paying guest, We neither focus on service apartments or the high end Hotel accommodation.
No Registration required for PG seekers to find pg owners contact details.  Hence without sign-in or with very less internet usage level, anybody can find paying guest in any area within minutes at their fingertips.
In most of the cases 95% we produce actual photographs of the paying guest for maximum knowledge. Only in some 5% cases we do put similar photographs due to unavailable of the actual photographs.

How to search for PG accomodation in Bangalore

1. Roam Around : Traditional and reliable way to find a pg accomodation is to roam around. Means to say keeping the map of the local area, find pg.

2. Browse through : Modern and Latest way to find paying guest is use the technology of the smartphone and internet. Easily one can find data of PGS.

3.Guide from collegue : This is secure way, already some college of your company is staying. Join by reference is most reliable way based on experience

Things to keep in mind while searching for PG accomodation in Bangalore

1. Distance to work : Daily commuting to work less than 5 mins from PG is what everybody expects.

2. Food quality and facility: Eating healty and hygiene food daily is blessing for life. Choose PG with best food.

3. PG owners hospitality: Arguing with bad PG owner daily for small things will kick start days in wrong way.

4. Timings Flexibility : Based on ur batch and timings. Confirm the checkin and checkout timings with owner so no daily arguments goes on.

What is Paying guest accomodation in Bangalore ?

PG (also Paying guest) is a kind of lodging. In some parts of the India(such as for example: Bangalore), guest houses are a type of inexpensive hotel-like lodging.
In still others, it is a private home which has been converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation. The owner usually lives in an entirely separate area within the property and the guest house may serve as a form of lodging business.
This type of accommodation presents some major benefits such as:
Personalized attention
Healthy and homemade food
Modern design
In some areas of city, guest houses are the only kind of accommodation available for visitors who have no local relatives to stay with. Among the features which distinguish a guest house from a hotel, or is the lack of a full-time staff.
General serivce, breakfasts and guest houses in Bangalore are family owned and the family live on the premises though family members are not normally available during the evening. However most family members work a 10- to 12-hour day from 6am as they may employ part-time service staff. Hotels maintain a staff presence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, whereas a guest house has a more limited staff presence. Because of limited staff presence, check in at a guest house is often on weekends.
Some pg also usually has a restaurant attached.
In Bangalore tenants in a guest house have to pay a substantial damage deposit, and have to pay maintainence & cleaning fee when they leave.
A tremendous growth can be seen in the guest house business especially in Nagawara and Whitefield where progress in IT sector and real estate were two most influential factor. Nowadays guest house accommodation sector has improved itself a lot. Even a home converted guest house is also offering equivalent facilities to its guests.

Life in a paying guest for Males with Food | Female accomodation with Food

People living in a paying guest house can be from different states and cultures so one who lives in PG accommodation often choose these good points so that their life become easy and comfortable.
Sharing and adjustments
Acknowledging the small matters
Exchanging of contact numbers
Keeping focus on study or their resp work
Using of eye band and ear plugs
Participating in get-together
Safety check

What will be the cost of paying guest stay in Bangalore?

6500 INR for twin sharing is what is decent on money and service wise. But one may increase or decrease their budget based on type of sharing and location

What all facilities provided in PG, Bangalore locality is considered?

North and South Indian Food - 90% of PG's Do this only
Multi-Cuisine Food / Kerala Style / Andhra Style - You have to check with specific paying guest owner
24 Hours Hot Water - WOW - Be sure to use when need only
Drinking Mineral Water  - RO -UV Treated
Separate wardrobes / Cupboards / Lockers  - Again its economical or luxurious
LED TV in each room or common area
Attached bathrooms or Common bathrooms upto 6 people
2 and 4 Wheeler Parking - Closed or open space
Wi-Fi Connectivity - Hi speed or low speed 
Self cooking facility - check with pg owner
Few PGs have Living room with Sofa Set and a Big LED TV
And few High End Paying Guests (PG) in Bangalore also have GYM for fitness buddies

Is the Paying guest reliable?

Strict supervison on PGs by city management. Especially Ladies Paying guest is more secured. CCTV installation being mandatory for PG approval. Bangalore is safest place for any individual. On time food, walkable to work ... wat else advantages are many.

How can a guest save by joining paying guest in Bangalore?

In detail split costs are below with EG
Travel cost: If you travel from your home daily least 200INR is spent on fuel - By staying in PG you are also contributing to environment
Food cost: Every body knows this, If food is prepared for large nos, price cuts down to more than half. so mass cooking, mass eating, mass saving
Service: Having a maid for cleaning rooms and common things. All these are free
Electricity: Shared cost will come upto 200inr monthly, whereas individuals minimum bill expected to be 800INR as per BESCOM gudelines
Safety: Owner will be there - acting as localite for any trouble to guest. Some pgs put professionally trained watchmans on duty.
Colleges: Informing to someone on phone or in person stands importannt for any surprise situations

Is there a security deposit to be paid like in home rental, for PG bangalore too?

In earlier days 2 or 3 months depost was taken from guest for security reasons. nowadays due to compete among pgs nil depost or minimum 2000 INR as deposit
All paying guest owners will deduct 500 to 1000 inr towards maintainece or cleaning charges while vacating the pg

What will be the maintainence charges in pg?

Very much minimal Maintainance as low as 400 INR will be levied as charge for service like washinc machine, LED tv, power, light etc usages. Also paying guest owners dont charge a single rupee if you are not damaging and leaving room like a cramp. Everything depends on your initial deal.

Food quality of paying guest?

Compared to Hotels or daily street foods. PG serves best food at economical price. Some pgs give non veg twice week. Paneer replacement for Vegans etc. 100% homemade top notching quality food

Just like hostels " Is there any fixed timings" for PG?

Only due to safety issues all paying guest lock their premisis at 11 pm. make a talk to owner with spare key arrangement if really needed. Apart from it No strict timings on PG operations.

Can I pay annual rent and get discounts on PG?

Thats a good Idea! Just in case if you are a student or college goer. Go for PG instead of Hostels to get the extra freedom and facilities. You are sure to save atleast 30 % by paying your rent annyally.

New to Bangalore ?? We will help you to find the right PG!!

Bangalore is the silicon city with rapidly increasing growth opportunities for Job, Business Establishment, Tourism and Education
Whoever completed their studies will come to Bangalore to find a Job – Here due to happening individuals do not like to go for their relatives home, do not want to stay with known friends, have no enough money to rent a flat or house. Paying guest accommodation jumps into the Picture. IF u do not know which area to choose from we suggest the following areas with its positive reasons.
Conclusion : We are a platform for PG owners and PG seekers. If you are looking for pg. Get photos watsaped to your no. Dont waste time. see pg actual pics which is vacant. Photos in this are for reference - Same photo room may not be available in pg. Pay rent through bank transfers for proof. Keep well informed about your living in PG to your guardian.


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